Drilling for Destiny

DrillingSo much was deposited inside of you before you were even in your mother’s womb.  I know I talk about this a lot but it’s clearly on my mind.  The DNA of God is in YOU.  People always want more peace, more love, more joy, more success, more, more, more…as if it lies outside of you.  People are always looking to others to impart it, to teach it, to share it.  But until you realize IT’S IN YOU you will keep searching in the wrong places for it.  The problem is that there are things blocking it.  When I was studying the drilling of oil the Lord gave me a picture (excuse my rough drawings…I guess I should have given her some hair).  He told me to draw this picture and act as if I was going to drill down to access someone’s spiritual DNA. As I did, He clearly showed me the stop points that would block the fullness of YOU from flowing freely into the world.  There will be many blog posts on all of these, but for now, here is the list and the picture…

1.  Mindsets and belief systems.  The bible says we will be transformed by the renewing of our mind.  What mindsets are keeping you in the place where you are?  What stories are you believing?  What beliefs have you accepted and taken on as truth?

2.  Eyes.  Vision.  The way you see things.  What you are setting your eyes upon?  Do you have the ability to see further than others see?  Did you know that without vision people perish?  What is blocking your ability to “see”?  What are you watching and allowing to have space in your life?  What is your “outlook”?

3.  The mouth.  Power of words.  Power of agreement.  What has been spoken over you?  What have you spoken over yourself?  Are your words releasing life or death?  What are you professing?  This one is LOADED.

4.  The heart.  Woundings.  Hurts.  Unforgiveness, bitterness, offense, anger, hopelessness.  What ever is in your heart will overflow and affect every area of your life.

We cannot simply go after and talk to people about their destiny and dreams.  We have to address the stop points and blockages that are keeping those things from coming forth.  There is a great plot against you to keep you stuck, not moving foward, not walking in the fullness of YOU.   Ask the Lord to show you what some of the blockages are.  He will.  And then, DO NOT let guilt, condemnation or shame rob you from being set free from it.  There’s a whole bunch of goodness just waiting to be discovered!!!



Rescued from the Realm of Ordinary {part 4}

It’s all well and good when the excitement is high and the adventure lies ahead…until the boxes have to be packed, the goodbyes have to be said and reality sets in.  I remember so clearly our last night in the house.  I walked outside and literally had to find a tree out in the pasture to hide behind and bawl like a baby.   I prayed no one would see me…OR hear me.  I wondered if we had really heard right.  I wondered what in the world we were doing going to a place we knew no one.   I wondered if I really was crazy and if this really did top the list of my craziest ideas (believe me, I have had them).  The next day Katherine and I got in my car to follow the moving van and Keith was not far behind.  I held it together for the first hour and about the time we hit Albemarle I broke down.  The voice of my 8 year old brought it all back to reality…”mama…you know God said….”  she, in the midst of her mother having a meltdown, was not being swayed.  We continued on.  I think I am sharing this part with you because I want you to know that just becasue you know something is right, something is clear, something IS the Lord…it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. People have this whole idea of seeking what THEY want…what THEY are passionate about…what THEY choose.  When you are ready to surrender and forsake all…it really doesn’t look like that.  I mean, it all works out more than fabulous and more than you could hope or imagine in the end (even if it does LOOK radically different than you thought) but the path to getting there isn’t all about skipping and daisys if you know what I mean.

The following days and weeks were a blur.  Unpacking, getting Katherine in a new school, Keith driving back and forth every week to Southern Pines for business.  Me trying to adjust to my new surroundings and the new world that lied ahead.  Friends from home would literally call me to meet them at Panera for coffee…and I had to break it to them that not only could I not meet but that I had somehow ended up almost three hours away in another town over night..and no, we are not in the witness protection program.  I remember sitting in the “backyard” one afternoon…by backyard I mean postage size lot surrounded by other houses and roads.  It was like a bad scene from a movie…train track less than a mile away…Charlotte airport traffic overhead…cars going back and forth behind us…neighbor’s dogs barking.  Seriously, like “Planes, trains and Automobiles”.  Don’t forget…I had lived on a farm surrounded by other 10 acre farms and backed up to 2500 acres of dedicated forest.  THIS.  WAS.  A.  BIG.  SHOCK.  Anway…day after day I had journaled and cried and literally wrote:  “I feel like I have been kidnapped.”  It was a recurring thought.  This day, however, in that backyard, when all modes of transportation seemed to happen at once…I didn’t write it… I YELLED IT!  “WHAT IN THE WORLD!?!??!? WHY ARE WE HERE?!?!?!?! I FEEL LIKE I HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED!!!!”  Instantly, in the most patient, calm, and soothing voice I heard:  “No my dear, you have not been kidnapped,  you have been RESCUED.”


Rescued from the Realm of Ordinary {part 3}

If you have been following along, you can tell that this is going to be a series:).  So much to share here, and I figured you reading it in one long post just wasn’t going to happen!

So, we left off with me saying YES to God.  Little did I know what all the entailed and what awaited me in the not so distant future.  When you say yes to God…I mean like a real deal, with your whole heart yes…you better hang on.  He.  Does.  Not.  Play.  I left my three day encounter driving home blurry eyed from crying, weak and feeling like a wrung out rag, and yet electric and alive.  I knew everything had changed but I had no idea what that meant.

When I got home, three hours later, I pulled into the driveway of our dream home and all that had looked extraordinary and above par on Monday now looked lackluster and mediocre on Wednesday.  How did that happen!?!?!?  How do I even walk in and what do I say?  I really don’t remember the words I used or what I said to Keith…but the miracle was that he knew it, too.  Everything was about to change.  We were about to enter a wild ride and there was no looking back.

So much happened so fast from this point I don’t even know what to share and what to not. I would, perhaps, bore you with the details, and maybe, when God is speaking to YOU in crazy ways it’s just not possible to capture it in words.  Let’s just say that thing after thing lined up, confirmed and solidified that our time was up in our world of comfort and we were to step out in obedience into the unknown.

We called the real estate agent to come and look at the house.  We had just had it appraised and the number had come in at $975,000.  Wow.  That was a lot.  Don’t be too impressed…we love to buy ugly houses that need a lot of work and remodel, redo and renovate them with our own blood, sweat and tears.  This house, however, we had done as if it were our last…because we thought it was.  I loved EVERYTHING about it.  I miss it quite often.  The agent came and told us that houses in that range were not moving quickly (duh…it was 2008!) and that it would probably be on the market at least 18 months.  18 months!?!?!?!?!  NO!  Clearly she was not aware that God said Go and Go now.  18 months was not going to work, but having two mortgages was not going to work, either.  She left the house…I went to take a shower and pray.  When I got out I came to the kitchen.  Keith was sitting there.  “We are listing the house”, I said, “and God said to list it for $888,000.”  Yes…that was the exact number I heard when I prayed.  And so, we did it.  The agent was quite amused at the number…said she had never listed a house at that amount before…sign went in the yard…and…we waited.

TWO WEEKS LATER PEOPLE…on 8/8/8 … yes, you read that right.  It was a friday, August 8th of 2008…in the beginning of a downturning market…oh, only about 17 1/2 months sooner than predicted…our house went under contract.  ON THAT DAY!  God is sooo amazing.  It was such a huge sign and a huge kiss and a huge reminder that yes, you heard my voice, I said go, you are listening, and I’ve got this.  8 is also the number of new beginnings and that, my friends, was what we were about to embark on.

Rescued from the Realm of Ordinary {part 2}

It was a Monday morning just like any other Monday…except for the fact that I got up at 5am to drive to Charlotte to a conference at a church that I did not know much about and where I knew no one.  The only thing I knew was that I was supposed to go.  It was a “healing conference” and since I had been struggling with an auto immune issue and chronic pain for years that no doctor had been able to help…I figured I’d give the Master Healer a shot:).  I thought it would be a few hundred people, all perhaps sitting around sharing our stories and what we were there to be healed of and then pray for each other.  What I drove up to was people directing traffic into the parking lot for all 1800+ attendees from over 32 countries.  I had no idea what I was in for, nor did I know that I was about to embark on a journey in which there would be no going back.  The healing I was about to receive was going to go much deeper than my physical health…it was going to go to my heart.

I sat there for three days, amongst strangers and nationalities, being touched from the moment I walked in the door with the bigness of God and the power of the Only One who can create the kind of change in a person’s heart and body that brings life…real life.  I mean, I’ve had the chills during worship, I’ve had moments you know can be only God, I have felt His presence and done ministry and been to every Beth Moore bible study you can name.  It wasn’t like I didn’t know Him…I had just never encountered Him in this way.

I have written about this part before, but I will never forget the night that during worship with my eyes closed, my spirit soaring, my senses (both physical and spiritual) being awakened on many levels, I SAW Him.  My eyes were not open…but my spiritual eyes could see Jesus walking towards me from the back of the room.  He was walking towards my back.  How did I know?  I can’t tell you that…but He was there.  As I saw Him walk towards me, getting closer and closer, I knew He was coming straight for me.  Isn’t that just like Him…He comes for the one.  As He approached me and walked up to my right hand side, every cell in my body was vibrating, every hair was on end, and every tear that I could cry was pouring out.

Many of the things that happened over the next couple of days are unexplainable.  The prophetic realm opened up to me in a way it never had before…hearing the Lord’s voice felt like a constant and His presence was like a blanket.  People I had never seen and never even spoken to would come up and speak words to me that there was no way they could have known to speak….many were the same words…a theme the Lord wanted to make sure I was getting loud and clear:  “it has to go from your head to your heart.”  Yes, He was after my heart…still is…and in a whisper He asked me:  “will you come with me?” and before I could even think of what all that meant I answered “yes.”

Rescued from the Realm of Ordinary {part 1}

Ordinary is not a word I would have used to describe our lives nor do I think anyone else would have either.  Everything was clicking along at an incredible pace.  Anyone from the outside looking in would have called it beyond ordinary.  We had a million dollar horse farm tucked away in the heart of horse country in Southern Pines.  We LOVED this place….had bought it years earlier at a steal and had put a ton of sweat equity into it to turn it into our dream home.  I never thougt we would leave.

We had two flourishing businesses that we loved and were growing daily, a wonderful private school that my daughter loved and my husband was helping chair.  A church that we were getting woven into, me serving on the women’s ministry team.  My family less than 20 minutes away which meant we had a built in babysitter and Katherine got to grow up next to her Nana and Papa.  Yes, life was good and we were not looking for a change…at least, we didn’t think we were.  Isn’t that when some of the biggest changes in our lives come…when we aren’t looking.  It happened in one fell swoop…and this  is a story I long to share.  It will stretch some of you…it should.  It stretched us.  It will speak to some of you….it will shout to others.  This story is the story of our last five years.  It is ongoing, it is ever expanding.  It is the story of a family that longed deep down for the “more” even though we didn’t know what that meant or what it would look like.  It is the story of a really big God reaching down and plucking us up.  It is the story of what can happen when you say YES in the middle of what you know and move into the unknown and unchartered WITHOUT knowing why.  It is a story of extreme trust and reliance on the One who can be trusted in all things.  It is a story I hope you will follow with me and read and share and maybe, just maybe, be RESCUED, too.  Let’s see what happens.

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