Start Now

I am sitting here this morning on my back deck overlooking the blue ridge mountains…on a Friday…in my pajamas…with my child who I have the option to homeschool…not out there running around in the rat race of life and the traffic and doing the “thank God it’s Friday thing”… I want to encourage everyone of you to work. Work smart. Take risks. Enjoy the journey but do not be lazy in your youth. Don’t put off building something that can be a legacy. Don’t put off learning and getting skilled and doing the things that others will not do. Do not fall into the lull of mediocrity and status quo and doing just enough to “get by”. Be excellent. Think big. Look down the road. Dream about what you want your life to look like. Don’t listen to dream stealers and nay sayers. Be willing to stay up late and get up early. Stay the course even when the surroundings aren’t reflecting what you know is possible. Be afraid but do it anyway. Step out. Stop waiting for all things to be perfect. Don’t listen to those who have settled for living a life of complacency. In order to have choices down the road you have to make choices now. Make them. Commit to them. Develop the discipline to see them thru. Time will fly and you don’t want to wake up one day “wishing that you had of…”. Start now.

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