It’s the question I hear over and over again…”What is my purpose?”  It seems to have people stopped in their tracks…afraid to move forward into the abyss of uncertainty.  So I thought I would write this quick post with the hopes that it will help some of you.

We ALL have the same PURPOSE...and that is one thing and one thing only…Intimacy with God.  Yeah, that’s right…real deal, in His face, constant communication, trust and vulnerability intimacy.  It’s why we were made.  It’s the place from which all else will flow.  It’s the place where you will begin to have understanding of who you really are and why you are here.  NOTHING else can fulfill you.

We also all have the same CALLING…it is to “Go into all the earth….” .  We are called to GO…to be carriers of the Lord and to release what we receive from that intimate place that we live out of.  Some versions say “As you go…” Does that make a difference in the way you read it and think about it??  God will use ALL things for good…all of your gifts, your talents, your desires, your skills and knowledge…GO doesn’t just mean to go be an evangelist and preach the gospel…it means just Go and Be the gospel…love people and serve people and go places and be passionate and Be YOU (highest form of worship).

Now, your VEHICLE is really the question that most of you mean when you are asking the question of purpose. Your vehicle is NOT your purpose.  It is simply the thing that carries you into the world to release who you are and who is in you.  For example, if you are an amazing singer…whether you choose to be a worship leader, to sing in the secular music industry, or both, singing is not your purpose…it’s your vehicle.  Your passions will be keys to point you to your vehicle.  What do you love to do?  What comes natural to you?  What is the thing that you could talk about for hours on end without stopping and the more you talk about it the more excited you get?!?!?!  Find THAT.

So…PURPOSE=Intimacy; CALLING=GO! (as you go) into all the earth; VEHICLE=your passions will take you there!

Hope that helps!


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