In the Beginning

Sometimes you just have to go back to the beginning.  To the notes you scribbled, the dreams you drew out, the things that GOD said.  I have been doing that this week and since then, all sorts of confirmations have been happening.  You see, God can give us dreams and ideas and passions that are such a part of who we are…then life happens, situations change, circumstance shift and you can begin to wonder HOW in the world those dreams will come forth.  You begin to try to make the vision FIT into the circumstances.  You listen to others with well meaning hearts…you shift the message or the marketing to what the world says to market.  But nothing ever fits.


Today, I want to encourage you to go back to the beginning.  What did God say?  What did God place on your heart?  Don’t allow time to dilute it.  Don’t believe that you missed it.  Don’t try to place on it anything to “make it make sense”.  God’s ways are not our ways.  “In the beginning God created…” out of NOTHING…where there was no form and all was void.  It’s where He works best.  So…pull it out…lay it before Him…let the Spirit of God hover over it…then watch and see.  Many of you are about to have your dreams launched out with the simplicity of a sentence…”Let there be light”.   It’s time.

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