design |dəˈzīn|
planned and fashioned
skillfully and artistically made
intended for a definite purpose

default |diˈfôlt|                                                                                                 
inaction or neglect
failure to act
failure to perform on a legal obligation
failure to fulfill an agreement

 Yes, you were designed...fashioned, artistically made, and intended for a definite purpose.  There was purpose breathed into you, deposited inside of you before you were even in your mother’s womb.  We all have it.  It’s there.  But for so many, life took over.  Past hurts, past words, expectations of who we should be and what we should do.  All kinds of things begin to bury that deposit.   And so, we begin to live life by default.  I believe that you and I were with God before we were here.  That His spirit and our spirits were together.  There was agreement, purpose, an “assignment” of sorts that we knew was ours.  We have to take the time to get quiet and let our spirits soar again.  Your spirit already knows your assignment!!  Walking through life, living in the sea of mediocrity, staying in the status quo, never rocking the boat, not tapping into THAT which is already in you is what living life in default looks like.  It feels like just getting by, just doing what you think you are supposed to do, waking up on Monday dreading the week and plopping on the couch on Friday too drained to move.  Life in default is no good, no fun, not life giving and I don’t want you to live there.  So…are you ready to be enlisted into a life of MORE?!?!  Make sure because you may be surprised at the things it will cost you.  But there is one thing I promise…it will be worth it and you will NEVER go back.


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