Rescued from the Realm of Ordinary {part 1}

Ordinary is not a word I would have used to describe our lives nor do I think anyone else would have either.  Everything was clicking along at an incredible pace.  Anyone from the outside looking in would have called it beyond ordinary.  We had a million dollar horse farm tucked away in the heart of horse country in Southern Pines.  We LOVED this place….had bought it years earlier at a steal and had put a ton of sweat equity into it to turn it into our dream home.  I never thougt we would leave.

We had two flourishing businesses that we loved and were growing daily, a wonderful private school that my daughter loved and my husband was helping chair.  A church that we were getting woven into, me serving on the women’s ministry team.  My family less than 20 minutes away which meant we had a built in babysitter and Katherine got to grow up next to her Nana and Papa.  Yes, life was good and we were not looking for a change…at least, we didn’t think we were.  Isn’t that when some of the biggest changes in our lives come…when we aren’t looking.  It happened in one fell swoop…and this  is a story I long to share.  It will stretch some of you…it should.  It stretched us.  It will speak to some of you….it will shout to others.  This story is the story of our last five years.  It is ongoing, it is ever expanding.  It is the story of a family that longed deep down for the “more” even though we didn’t know what that meant or what it would look like.  It is the story of a really big God reaching down and plucking us up.  It is the story of what can happen when you say YES in the middle of what you know and move into the unknown and unchartered WITHOUT knowing why.  It is a story of extreme trust and reliance on the One who can be trusted in all things.  It is a story I hope you will follow with me and read and share and maybe, just maybe, be RESCUED, too.  Let’s see what happens.

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